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There are 7 models of existing inflatable life raft products, 38 specifications. The products have passed the type approval of China Classification Society CCS, National Fishing Vessel Inspection Bureau ZY and EU Classification Society EC. In the domestic coastal areas, the company's products sales and service outlets, products are exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other countries and regions. Excellent product quality, efficient trading methods, honest and trustworthy style, and thoughtful after-sales service have won praises from users at home and abroad.

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Haifeng Lifesaving Equipment CRVF-A6 Throwing Inflatable Liferaft


Ningbo haifeng life-saving appliance manufacturing co.,ltd. is located in Ningbo Xiaogang Industrial Zone, with elegant environment and convenient transportation.


Product Details

Crew rating: 6

Main ruler length: 2116mm

Main ruler width: 2116mm

Height: 1200mm

Maximum storage height: 18m/30m

Storage cylinder specification: φ570X1040

Total weight: ≤85KGS

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